A Monday Morning

Most people on a Monday morning don’t particularly want to do much, that’s understandable, 2 days of being lazy, or doing something fun, why would you want to go back to work, you already know that you’re inbox is going to be full of emails that you don’t want to read. By the time you’ve got through your emails it’s lunch, and lets face it, even if you got through your emails in an hour, it would still take a couple of hours more to get back into the work zone, by which time, it would be lunch… so Monday’s are really only a half-day, at least of real work.

However, my Monday morning is a little different, First into the office, having not even had a cuppa tea, first things first – Kettle on, then open up the server room and change the backup disk ready for tonights backup, open my inbox and start reading. Fortunately there wasn’t a great deal of emails that I had to pay attention to today, so I start my routine of checking the systems, which is an every day thing, but more important on a Monday, and why generally on a Monday I’m in so early.

When others started arriving, there were brief conversations about the weekend, top subject for me was the Formula 1, with Button winning and the whole pack order completely different from the last 3 seasons. There does however seem to be some interesting conversations today, Someone in the office wanted to see my Eee, and used the phrase “come-on then, whip it out” which, of course started a whole hour of stupid entertaining comments, including looking outside and saying “It’s nice out, I think I’ll leave it out for a bit.” It’s possibly worth noting that there isn’t a single female that works in this office, so some of these conversations, though amusing can be a little worrying at times.

Things I’m not looking forward to this week consist of the Dentist tomorrow, and Car service on Thursday, both of which manage to drain you out of any funds you should be saving, though I should still be able to save some of my income this month.

Things I am looking forward to consist of Wednesday evening (you’ll have to ask to find out why), and maybe the weekend is something else I’m looking forward to. Don’t get me wrong, I get up every morning and not only want to goto the office, I look forward to it. I enjoy the work, and enjoy the people, but sometimes weekends are very much needed, and I didn’t get much sleep the one just gone, due to the time difference to be able to watch the Formula 1, and no, I don’t want to watch the repeat, that means avoiding all forms of news, my brother and anyone else that might let anything slip, how a lot of people are with Football, is how I am with the Formula 1.

Anyway, enough from me for now. Time to get back to work…

4 thoughts on “A Monday Morning

  1. Monday’s I work 6pm-midnight so I’m just happy at the chance for a lie in! I caught a little bit of the Formula 1 yesterday, well … the little bit at the end when he was doing donuts after he won haha! I’ve always wanted to do that in my own car ….

  2. Not that I’m totally impressed, but this is more than I expected for when I stumpled upon a link on SU telling that the info here is awesome. Thanks.

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