Changes in life

I remember during my teen years, if you wanted a BBQ, you rang people a day before and they would most likely turn up. No one really had anything better to do. If you wanted to goto the pub in the middle of the day, there was normally someone to go with. However, recently I’ve noticed this is no-longer the case.

I wanted to arrange a BBQ with some people, but everyone seems to be doing things all the time now, so the earliest can happen is next month, and even then some can’t make it. Still, the nice weather is now upon us, and I was admiring the temperature this morning as early as 5:30AM thinking the sun was quite warm enough at that time, for a day stuck in the office. It’s BBQ season, and I’m sure I’ll have at least 4 between now and when the arranged BBQ is. As for the pub in the middle of the day, does anyone know anyone that’s available for such a thing anymore?

While the warm weather is here, I fully intend on spending most of it outside in the sun, with BBQ’s going and Cider drinking under-way. Is this Summer? I hope so. as I don’t like the cold.

So, for all you readers; if you’re having a BBQ, I’m available for attending. :-)


3 thoughts on “Changes in life

  1. Hah, yeah. though I would like to keep my house intact at the end of it. I’m relatively sure making it fully “Public” would not allow that to stay true. :) J

  2. Well i shall be unemployed from Friday so i will most certianly be available for daytime drinking.

    unfortunately everyone else seems to have jobs and havent been caught up in this credit crunch redundancy farce.


    miss you ….

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