Monthly Archives: May 2011

A lot of memory…

Well, apparently 2GB isn’t enough memory anymore, with Windows wanting at least 4GB to run well, linux is still happy with 128MB, but with compiz you really want 4GB again.

When it comes to servers however, it’s a whole new ballpark. The software written by the company I work for deals with incredibly large computational arrays requiring a fair amount if memory at times. While I write this I am waiting for a pre-boot memory check to complete do I can get on and check the system is working, it’s taking a while, and here’s a extensor as to why…


That’s 96GB Memory in this system, What’s even more interesting about a system with this much memory, is that it will be used. and this is not a virtualised system, this is a single OS (though dual-boot) and is used for testing…. oh yeah, not to mention the fact that it has 2 quad-core CPU’s…. this system really is a beast. and I would quite like it to be my desktop machine, though, I might have to invest in some ear protectors, as the cooling is rather loud :-)

Slacking off

Well, I know I’ve been slacking again, here’s the thing, summer is approaching, we’ve had really nice weather I have new hobbies and also a girlfriend, all of these things keep me rather busy.

So, firstly work, that’s definitely been keeping me busy, but all is well there, and I don’t think there is much I would change about it. well, other than buying more toys, that’s always fun!

As for the new hobby, I have taken up ice skating, no not the namby-pamby dancing, more freestyle, it’s good exercise, this incidentally is where I met the girl I am now seeing.

I still fly most weekends, I have bought myself a blitz avro, this is the roles royce of helicopters. I’m scared to throw it around too much, but it really is a dream to fly. It’s smooth, accurate and does exactly what I tell it to. I’m also throwing my raptor around a lot more, to the extent that parts are wearing out quickly, and I caught the ground while doing tick-tocks, oh well, that was only around £40 and was incredibly fun.

Oh yeah, I also bought a new phone, I bought a HTC desire HD. Running cyanogenmod, and really like it. This also means I can update my blog while the girlfriend is trying on clothes while out shopping (yes that really is what I’m doing). I think it also makes phone-calls, but really, who does that these days?

Anyway, I will try and update my blogs more often, I’ve been meaning to for a while, but laziness is bliss (as is ignorance).

Apologies for any odd random words, I’m doing this on my phone between telling the girlfriend she looks good.  :)