Nagios check_asterisk_ami

Today I have had a new Nagios plug-in I’ve been working on published. The plug-in is check_asterisk_ami and is capable of checking asterisk VOIP server for number of active calls/channels and also the number of SIP & IAX Peers in use.

The plug-in can be found here:

and any feedback is welcome.

I already have a few people using this with success, Inspiration for this plug-in came from our asterisk system being hacked and calls routed through our server; fortunately I managed to catch it before it got too bad, and this is now on 24hour SMS support.

3 thoughts on “Nagios check_asterisk_ami

  1. works as advertised, had to change the netcat path/binary name for centos but other than that works. combined with pnp4nagios you can also get some nice graphs

  2. Thanks for the info on Netcat, I’ll try and fix up the code so this “just works”, I’ve also noticed another couple of bugs, so look out for or higher.

  3. firstly sorry for my english).
    I use a translator.
    I want to say a huge thank you to the author!
    this is exactly what you want!
    I like nagios and the asterisk, but together it’s just a bunch of super))
    Thanks again for your design !!!!!!

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