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Linux 2.6.29 Released!

This week Linus Torvalds has released the new 2.6.29 Linux Kernel. For the most part, this kernel release isn’t hugely exciting, but for me there is a bit of excitement.

Up until now, I’ve had to install Linux on my Eee PC 901, then patch the kernel and re-compile, and even then some things weren’t perfect (namely the FN function keys for the hardware). With the release of 2.6.29, I shouldn’t have to do this anymore, at least, Once the distributions start shipping it because it now contains the hardware drivers for the Eee 901. It also has drivers for other netbooks like the Aspire One (though most things worked on this from 2.6.26 but there was a bug in the Wifi driver).

Another change is the support for the BTRFS, what looks to be quite a nice file system and is said to replace EXT (this might take a few years, as EXT4 has only just been made stable)

Something that came as a surprise to me after compiling and rebooting was the lack of Tux… Tux has been (temporarily) replaces with Tuz, Tuz is a Mascot to encourage support to the Tasmanian Devil Campaign, so maybe Tux will return soon enough.

other than these items there isn’t a great deal that appeals to me, unless I decided to build a system in my garage with 4096 CPU’s, which are now supported, but this is unlikely for a number of reasons, one of which is cost, another is space, and another would be…. no wait, that’s all…

If you’d like to see the list of all the changes in 2.6.29 then head over to http://kernelnewbies.org/Linux_2_6_29


– EDIT –

With the release of this kernel, it does mean that there will be some small down-time of my server hosting my site when I reboot into the kernel. I’ll try and do this during a quiet period but you can never tell when people will be looking…