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Complicated Plea for Simplicity

Last year at the 2008 Dyalog APL Conference in Lo-Skolen, Helsingør, Denmark. Along with most of the normal presentations on what’s new and what’s been going on with the company, there was a Presentation done by John Scholes. John is one of the oldest developers of Dyalog APL, having been with the company since day 1 almost 26 years ago, as far as his computers go, he likes them to work, he’s not too fussed what it runs, as long as it does the job in hand. Johns presentation; a Plea for simplicity is here:

This was an absolutely brilliant presentation, and a big relief for a lot of people after a very long day of conferences, to have something amusing like this was great.

However, John Scholes has created a new youtube post, for those that don’t know what a Palindromatic expression is, it is an expression that looks the same, irrelivant of which way you read it. So from the person that brought you the plea for simplicity comes a Palindromatic APL Expression for Phi.

For those that don’t know about APL, have a look here APL is one of the oldest programming languages, it’s an interpreted array language mainly for mathematicians, with it’s own character set, mayking it very fast to use for people that know what they’re doing with it, but very difficault to learn if you don’t know APL, as almost every function has it’s own character as apposed to most languages you might have seen that use words for their functions.