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Windows XP x64 is not a Windows operating system….

Well, one of the office machines has just has a new hard disk installed, so clean install of Windows XP x64, and start running updates. you now get this “Browser choice” thing on your desktop (which is frustrating when you’ve been using a machine for years and it suddenly pops up, but anyway…) for this system, we’ll be using IE8, well. That’s what I hoped anyway. However, Microsoft appear to fail to accept that Windows XP x64 Professional is actually a windows operating system.

Here’s a screenshot of what I got when I tried to put IE8 on the system:


If Microsoft don’t class Windows XP x64 as a Windows Operating system, should everyone else do the same?
well, I guess we’ll use a standards-compliant browser instead on this system… now, where can I get one of those :-)