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TomTom Windows Mobile 6.1

I seem to be having a fair number of hits to my Windows Mobile 6.1 post with people running searches through Google for TomTom on Windows Mobile 6.1.

I’m not completely sure what these people are looking for, but if it’s “does it work” the answer is “yes”.

Installing TomTom is very simple. If, like me, you have a TomTom SD Card (Actually, I’ve got a replacement, due to it not being big enough for all my maps)  then it’s as easy as putting the card in, following the instructions on the screen, and selecting your GPS device (I use a Bluetooth device on Com0) and then running it. If you have a TomTom CD, then I believe there is 2 ways of installing, copying to an SD card and running the CAB, or installing through ActiveSync. I have not tested this method, as I am a Linux desktop user, and therefor don’t have ActveSync.

TomTom runs very well on Windows Mobile 6.1, infact, it feels alot smoother and faster than it did on Windows Mobile 6.0, My device only has 64MB Memory (128MB Flash size) and a 520MHz Intel (ARM Based) CPU.

I have been a TomTom user for around 5 years now, and despite a new phone on the way that doesn’t support TomTom, my HTC Universal will continue to be my TomTom Sat Nav, and this will also be it’s only use.

For me, it is working on Windows Mobile 6.1, If there was another reason people are finding my site than does it run, then leave a mesages and I’ll be as helpful as I can.