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A lot of memory…

Well, apparently 2GB isn’t enough memory anymore, with Windows wanting at least 4GB to run well, linux is still happy with 128MB, but with compiz you really want 4GB again.

When it comes to servers however, it’s a whole new ballpark. The software written by the company I work for deals with incredibly large computational arrays requiring a fair amount if memory at times. While I write this I am waiting for a pre-boot memory check to complete do I can get on and check the system is working, it’s taking a while, and here’s a extensor as to why…


That’s 96GB Memory in this system, What’s even more interesting about a system with this much memory, is that it will be used. and this is not a virtualised system, this is a single OS (though dual-boot) and is used for testing…. oh yeah, not to mention the fact that it has 2 quad-core CPU’s…. this system really is a beast. and I would quite like it to be my desktop machine, though, I might have to invest in some ear protectors, as the cooling is rather loud :-)

Windows XP x64 is not a Windows operating system….

Well, one of the office machines has just has a new hard disk installed, so clean install of Windows XP x64, and start running updates. you now get this “Browser choice” thing on your desktop (which is frustrating when you’ve been using a machine for years and it suddenly pops up, but anyway…) for this system, we’ll be using IE8, well. That’s what I hoped anyway. However, Microsoft appear to fail to accept that Windows XP x64 Professional is actually a windows operating system.

Here’s a screenshot of what I got when I tried to put IE8 on the system:


If Microsoft don’t class Windows XP x64 as a Windows Operating system, should everyone else do the same?
well, I guess we’ll use a standards-compliant browser instead on this system… now, where can I get one of those :-)

TomTom Windows Mobile 6.1

I seem to be having a fair number of hits to my Windows Mobile 6.1 post with people running searches through Google for TomTom on Windows Mobile 6.1.

I’m not completely sure what these people are looking for, but if it’s “does it work” the answer is “yes”.

Installing TomTom is very simple. If, like me, you have a TomTom SD Card (Actually, I’ve got a replacement, due to it not being big enough for all my maps)  then it’s as easy as putting the card in, following the instructions on the screen, and selecting your GPS device (I use a Bluetooth device on Com0) and then running it. If you have a TomTom CD, then I believe there is 2 ways of installing, copying to an SD card and running the CAB, or installing through ActiveSync. I have not tested this method, as I am a Linux desktop user, and therefor don’t have ActveSync.

TomTom runs very well on Windows Mobile 6.1, infact, it feels alot smoother and faster than it did on Windows Mobile 6.0, My device only has 64MB Memory (128MB Flash size) and a 520MHz Intel (ARM Based) CPU.

I have been a TomTom user for around 5 years now, and despite a new phone on the way that doesn’t support TomTom, my HTC Universal will continue to be my TomTom Sat Nav, and this will also be it’s only use.

For me, it is working on Windows Mobile 6.1, If there was another reason people are finding my site than does it run, then leave a mesages and I’ll be as helpful as I can.


Windows Mobile 6.1 and SMS messaging.

I have recently updated my PDA to Windows Mobile 6.1. This at the time seemed like a good idea, though in the last few days I have found out that Microsoft really does not understand Mobile Phones, and here’s why I think this.

A mobile phone to me, is a device that I can make / receive phone calls on, and send / receive SMS/MMS messages with. Anything else on a mobile phone is an “Extra”. Camera’s are not needed, I have a digital camera, however, some of these “Extra’s” can be useful. Wifi access for instance, is useful when trying to use VOIP at the office, or browse the internet on the mobile device in a location that has Wifi. This also means that a web browser is useful. I also use TomTom, which is why I have generally run Windows Mobile on my PDA, instead of something like Qtopia (this said, I do also have Qtopia on my device)

I also believe that Microsoft doesn’t understand screen resolutions. My device supports 640×480 (or 480×640 depending on which way round i’m using it), however Windows mobile believes that I am blind and must is it at 320×240,  and for me to use the device at 640×480, I have to download a 3rd party tool to do so; in my case, I’m using “RealVGA”. Here’s what my Main “home” screen looks like:

Home Screen

Nice, Simple and clean.

Let’s just spend a moment on Windows Mobile’s SMS system, which is possibly one of the worst SMS systems I’ve ever seen. If like me, you rarely delete messages then you know how a very full in-box can look (and i’m talking a few thousand SMS Messages). Someone may remind you of something that is a reference to an SMS message, to which you would think about when you received the SMS, and would then scroll down to the appropriate date, and select the message. On windows Mobile 6.0 this was OK, one 6.1 they have decided to group SMS’s by the person they were received from, which makes your in-box “look” much smaller than it is. It also tries to arrange them by “Conversation” within the SMS, however, it gets this very wrong. This is where Windows Mobile 6.1 falls apart. What this means is, in your sent folder, you have a list of sent messages, as you did on older versions, in your in-box folder, however, You end up with a very short list, here’s a view of my In-box:

SMS Inbox

As you can see here, what looks like 3 SMS messages, is actually closer to 20. Within these items in your in-box, you also end up with SMS’s that have been received from other people, as you would expect, but you also end up with SMS’s that you have sent. This is trying to succeed with the “Conversation” aspect of things.

Clicking on one of these items shows you the “Conversations” with this person. Here’s a screen-shot.

SMS Message

I’m not sure what the broken Icon on the left is for, but that looks broken. You cannot select a single SMS, making replying to a message more difficult. Infact ‘Reply’ isn’t even an option on the menu…. thanks Microsoft.

I fear that Windows Mobile 6.5 will have the same issue, and this worries me. If a company does not understand how people USE devices, they should not be writing operating systems for these devices. So for now, I’ll be using Qtopia, and only loading into windows when I require use of the SatNav. Shame, because I would quite like to have 1 tool on my device that works with everything I do, but I have better things to be spending my time on at the moment than trying to use software that doesn’t work.



Ok, I have just found that you can reply by simply writing your message in the “view message” screen, and pressing send. I still think this was designed by people that don’t use SMS, and is not the most useful SMS tool I’ve encountered on a mobile phone/PDA.